Oct 13, 2004

Entertainment package that got more marketing in the last five years - children were the target

To measure the value of how important it is to brainwash children, begin  by realizing what is,  in the last six years (1), the illuminati entertainment package that got more marketing. (2)
No, I am not talking about Paris Hilton, who is essentially an illuminati icon, but not literally packaged to sell, i.e. used as an illuminai icon but simultaneously ALSO as an income source.

Reminder: the most valuable marketing are ads at prime time news, since they are not packaged as normal ads but as "critics".
The more time a film or a book will get at prime time news, the more important it is to advance the illuminati agenda.


(1) As of late 2007; first posted 2004, but 3 years later the answer was still the same.

(2) Think about it before checking what the right answer is, for the period from late 2002 until 2008, as explained as it this particular brainwash begun (page archived February 2003).

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