Feb 22, 2016

Keep children from start smoking: Viola Beach: Fake deaths for a fake war

Viola Beach: Fake death of a whole band and their manager, served as illuminati joke:
First people ever to waterslide inside a car from an open bridge
Reasons include: to fulfill parallelism and to mock the audience, part of the simbology to terminate the show.
Parallelism and other mockery by side:

What's the specific and main agenda behind the fake death of Viola Beach?
First of all you should be aware of the power of fake deaths, not only over the human cattle ... but unfortunately also over children and teenagers.
So fake deaths can be used to manipulate children and teenagers and the fake death of Viola Beach illustrates how decisive this can be.
To complete the two pieces puzzle all you need is to add the video "VIOLA BEACH Swings & Waterslides", released immediately after the "death".

The power of fake deaths over the human cattle
... and unfortunately also over children and teenagers.
Feb 17, 2016 - video VIOLA BEACH Swings & Waterslides published in youtube.
Three days later: 21,307 views and 379 likes, Last Prophet was the first to dislike it.
Make no mistake: unlike FaCIAbook and Tweeter followers, generated by software, youtube, owned by Google, is NOT controlled by the illuminati.

What's the main agenda behind the fake death of Viola Beach?
Hint: one of the main illuminati weapons targeting children and teenagers to make billions while profiting from the collateral damage of reducing the mental capability of youth.
To confirm that you got it:
it's propagated from the very first second of the video, starting "coincidentally" with the youngest looking member of the band.
At 0:29 two more join and at 1:14 it's already pushed to the limits: three at the same time.
Note: having all four of them simultaneously is NOT the limit, because it would be TOO obvious.

Feb 17, 2016 - video VIOLA BEACH Swings & Waterslides: 
Three days later: see previous link at web.archive.org

Staged the same day as the fake deaths of justice Scalia and russian anti-doping boss:
Grammys, Feb 2016, end of the show: Lady Gaga as David Bowie after Viola Beach plunges off bridge: another episode in the series of fake deaths of musicians.
Main agenda: the Marlboro man for kids.
Simulated reality terminated NOW: Lady Gaga as David Bowie after Viola Beach plunges off bridge

Unlike ALL 30 Companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Google is not controlled by the illuminati.
Angelic Google, ONLY Path to the TRUTH: Youtube Trump Clinton: only real polls confirm what you can with your eyes

War to "keep children away from cigarettes", same as most wars served by the illuminati as real, is a hoax.
Like most of these fake wars, the reality is in fact the OPPOSITE of what is propagated, alias black is white.
A milestone for these type of wars: war on ISIS, launched 2013, shortly after illuminati created the very same ISIS, as just implied.

Days later, another example of a psy-op to make sure that illuminati continue to make an easy buck at the costs of the human cattle:
Uber driver suspected in Michigan shootings, six dead - specific agenda of this psy-op of the fake shooting series: "destroy Uber type of companies".
Good Economics: Destroy Uber agenda driver suspected in Michigan shootings for dummies

Michael Jackson to Prince: pop variations in Black is White: literal, psy-op type, illuminati commandment 

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